I managed to get the CKS certification. All thanks to the wonderful course by @ . . .

David Tng:
I managed to get the CKS certification. All thanks to the wonderful course by @Mumshad Mannambeth and @Vijin Palazhi, and all the help from the wonderful people in this community. For those taking the CKS exam soon, may the Kubelet be with you.

Additional information for those taking the examination:

  • They changed the interface slightly.
  • Use syntax off in .vimrc if you use vim and do not like syntax coloring. I struggled with the colors, so I turned it off.
  • Remember to sudo to root at the start as a lot of relevant files can only be read by root.
  • As you need to make changes to various cluster configuration files, you might want to make a backup of the original first.
  • A significant number of activities can only be performed in the master and worker nodes. Some questions give specific instructions but others might not be so explicit.
  • Above all, stay calm! ( I struggled the first 5 minutes just to get used to the environment. )
  • Good luck!

Many congratulations @David Tng :hugging_face:

David Tng:
Thank you, @Tej_Singh_Rana.

Dinesh Pola:
Congratulations @David Tng!!

@David Tng Congratulations… thank you for the tips… you mean get to root in jump host ? sudo -i ?

Jacob Vaidyan:
Congrats and Thanks David for sharing. For Qs related to external tools (Falco, kubesec etc), do they provide the link or should we bookmark these upfront ?

David Tng:
Thank you @Jia and @Jacob Vaidyan,

Jia: The first thing I did when I started the exam was to sudo to root using sudo su

Jacob: I used bookmarks. You can use any number of bookmarks. The only condition is to have only one additional tab for accessing information. Please see the links that can be used during the exam at the CKS FAQ page below.

@David Tng thank you, what about master and control planes… when you do ssh from jump host… it by default goes to root of master or worker node ?

David Tng:
Jia: You can ssh as root from the jump host to the master and control nodes. So you will automatically get root access in those nodes and it is convenient in this way as you need root access to make changes to the configuration files.

David Tng:
Thank you, @Dinesh Pola.