I got to know from pods IP k describe pods web-79d88c97d6-qj5sd | grep -i ip IP: . . .

karthi Mahadev:
But why curling Ingress does not work ?

Fernando Jimenez:
Do you own the domain name http://hello-world.info|hello-world.info?

dig <http://hello-world.info|hello-world.info> +answer +short

karthi Mahadev:
Thanks for your time and replies.
I’m following the doc


in this they expect users to able to curl that ingress path inside that cluster, so I did it.

Fernando Jimenez:
Hi @karthi Mahadev
That’s only an example guide. If you do not control the DNS for http://hello-world.info|hello-world.info, there’s nothing that it is going to point it to your local minikube or k8s cluster.
What you can do is to fake it by entering the external minikube ip in your local /etc/hosts file in the machine you are curl`ing from, to point to http://hello-world.info|hello-world.info.