I got my result for CKAD today and looks awesome to me. It was great experience . . .

Mayur Sharma:
Hi team,

I got my result for CKAD today and looks awesome to me. It was great experience here and learning CKAD. Please find my certificate in attachment here.


Few things I would like to share from the exam experience.

• The exam was easy. I completed first 11 question in first 40 minutes. (Covers > 66 % passing line :slightly_smiling_face: )
• 3 questions were very lengthy, 6 to 7%. I read and then judged whether I can do it or not. skip two of them as there were asking lot things to create.
• 5 questions were moderate, but looks doable as I read. I attempted it and it was all good except 2 that I could not verified. Skipped verification for 2 questions among 5.
• I completed all of the questions in 85 minutes (after skipping two and did not verified other two from #3)
• After 85-90 minutes, I knew I have crossed the passing line, so after a relief I re-validated the two questions ( from #3), but no luck they were still failing. But it took 15 - 20 minutes of my time and head ache.
• In last 10-15 minutes, I tried to attempt the very lengthy questions from #2 above. I partially did both but not completed a single one (I want to be fair here :slightly_smiling_face: ).
In all, I completed 86% of question fully and got 83%. I am satisfied with my result. It seems all the moderate ones are also correct (may be I was doing the verification wrongly). Also, I am not missing those 2 lengthy questions now that I partially attempted … hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Tips that I found it useful.
• vim settings set nu, set ts=2, sw=2 and expandtab
• auto completion
• copy cluster information is the very command I run always
• did not change namespace, instead used -n with kubectl (remember to put -n as the first argument to make the auto completion work properly)
Thanks @Mumshad Mannambeth sir for the wonderful course, @Tej_Singh_Rana, @Mohamed Ayman and others for answering all my doubts.

It is a great learning experience. Happy learning all of you!!
certified-kubernetes-application-developer-linux-foundation.pdf (710 KB)

chris resnik:
congrats and well done on remembering the detailed question stats :slightly_smiling_face:

Mohamed Ayman:
Congratulations!! Well Done!

Mohamed Ayman:
Thanks for sharing your tips!

Many congratulations @Mayur Sharma :hugging_face:

Chandru M: