I am sure the idea about bookmarks is successful as I am seeing it used by other . . .

Manoj Sadanandan:
I am sure the idea about bookmarks is successful as I am seeing it used by other students.

My question is - has anyone gone into the exam without it and made it? Is there a popular opinion about just doing a quick search in the Kubernetes documentation?

I usually get what I want in the first search (provided i use the correct keywords). I know there is time wasted - but the list of bookmarks is growing as well and I need to search through them which again defeats the purpose. Just being the devil’s advocate here.


I think the list is sorted topics wise, so it takes less time comparatively to check the bookmarks than searching, any ways ppl who given exam can comment.

lagisetti sambasiva rao:
Yes, i agree both of you. even though i prepared the bookmarks rarely used. In exam also i used the quick search based on best key words used while practicing. That works perfectly well.

Malayamanas Panda:
Bookmarks would help in future too, not just for CKA examination. You can keep that in GIT and track the changes , what you have learnt over the time.

Daz Mac:
I passed the exam a couple of months back. I prepared a set of bookmarks based on topics to use in the exam. In the exam i only used it once. However i found 3 benefits

  1. There are multiple pages and sometimes multiple examples on each page of how to use a resource (pv, pod, deployment etc.) on http://kubernetes.io|kubernetes.io, using booksmarks allowed me to link to the exact example on the page. For example there are multiple examples of volumes. I had a variety of links to hostPath, emptyDir etc… So as soon as the question mentioned one of those keywords i went straight to my example (no scrolling up or down the page)
  2. I have found it really useful now in my work as i have a set of useful links when i am trying to remember had to work with a resource or investigate a problem.
  3. These links are useful if you are studying for CKAD or CKS or doing other kubernetes certs like openshift - they help you to understand / act as reference for kubernetes