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Omar Nasser:

Fernando Jimenez:
You have to create a Persistent Volume Claim first. Adding a volume that points to a PVC in a pod, replicaset or deployment will not create the PVC. It will not fail but it will not create the pod. It will show in Pending status.
However, creating a PVC for certain StorageClass (provisioners) it will dynamically create the Persistent Volume, automatically.

Omar Nasser:
Hello Fernando, yes I agree, I’m trying in my own lab environment to create a storage class that would allow me then to only run a PVC yaml file and then dynamically create a PV, but I’m not able to do it…

Any recommendation for a “well-known” storage class that I can use to achieve this??

Fernando Jimenez:
Hi @Omar Nasser Maybe this video might help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AavnQzWDTEk
It all pivots upon where your lab environment lives.

Omar Nasser:
Ok great, I’ll check it now, thank yoou :wink:

good one… thanks Fernando & Omar

I have done this in my lab environment. It was a VMware environment and I used VMware CNS to provision PVs dynamically. It is quite easy.