Htpasswd taks fail


Please guide me where did I wrong for htpasswd task. find the atta

ched image.
I forget to take http.cof screenshot, sorry for that.

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xFusionCorp Industries has hosted several static websites on Nautilus Application Servers in Stratos DC. There are some confidential directories on document root that need to be password protected. Because they are using Apache for hosting the websites, the production support team has decided to use .htaccess with basic auth. There is a website that needs to be uploaded to /var/www/html/dba on Nautilus App Server 2. However, we need to set up the authentication before that.

Create /var/www/html/dba direcotry if doesn't exist.

Add a user jim in htpasswd and set its password XXXXXX

There is a file /tmp/index.html placed on Jump Server. Copy the same to new directory you created, please make sure default document root should remain /var/www/html. Also website should work on URL http://<app-server-hostname>:<port>/dba

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Thanks…!! It’s help me lot to understand.