How to resolve mongodb exit code14 error in docker desktop win 10


I have a mongodb container when I’ll run the container and give the path for volume then I’ll receive an error, error is exit 14 and container automatically stopped.

please help me how will resolve exit error 14 in windows 10 pro ???

Team still no revert from your side,
Every time you are not giving the support, I have raised multiple times my query but you are not giving any support why ??

Hello, @yasark342
Can you provide more details about your issue? How you are applying? It will help us to understand your issue.
Provide logs or errors output.

I have using mongodb container in docker desktop win 10 pro, mongodb container run with volume in compose file, when i will run my docker compose file my container will start and automatically stop with exit code 14,
my task is , I want to store my mongodb container data in my windows system how its possible pls help me, how will store mongodb container data in windows system ???

this below image is my exit code 14 error.

this is my file

version: “3”
image: mongo
working_dir: /c/data/
- 27017:27017
replicas: 1
- c:\data:/data/db

pls update me how will do that bcz its urgent m trying last few days…

Team, any update about the error, can you understand or still any confusion ???

I tried but not getting desire result. Hope other community members will help you…