How to install yum in linux

I would like to know how i can install Yum if this is not installed in my linux machine. I am getting error “yum: command not found” . Any help is appreciated.

The package manager depends on the Linux distro you installed. If you don’t have yum, it will most likely be apt. So try that one. If it doesn’t work, report back here and tell us which Linux distro you’re using.

EDIT: You should just use the package manager that comes with your distro, otherwise you’ll make your life difficult.

THansk a lot for responding. I am having SuSe linux . and i didn’t see any Yum or apt installed. But i see YaST2 under /var/lib/ . But i dont know how i can use this . Need help on how we can YaST2 if this is the right one to use.

I’ve never used opensuse or yast, so can’t help you with that.

But honestly, using a package manager isn’t that difficult, so just google what you want to do and you’ll figure it out

Hi @dasarianand

'yum'  command is specific for Redhat ,  if  you are using Suse , use 'zypper' instead.

Each distribution of  linux  has its own command for installing packages:

'apt'  or 'apt-get' command is  for Ubuntu & Debian

'yum'  or  'dnf'  is  for Centos/Redhat/Fedora

'zypper'  is  for Suse/Opensuse

zypper  install <package>     ## install  a  package in Suse

Good Luck !