How to edit deployments

Following the Kubernets for Beginners course. I’m at LAB Deployments.
Question 10: Create a new Deployment using the 'deployment-definition-1.yaml’file located at /root/. There’s an issue with file so try to fix it. (name is deployment-1)

I am simply unable to edit the yaml file, I don’t understand. I try similar commands like in previous lessons to edit yaml file for pods/replicasets but none of them allow me now to edit this deployment yammer file…

I keep getting errors that there is no resource type “deployment-definition-1” or "deployments.apps deployment-1 not found.
Unfortunately there is no Lab video available like for the previous labs, and in the demo nothing is mentioned about editing deployment yaml files.

Okay, I found out I was mixing up things a bit. Managed to edit the file finally with vim and all went ok.

Always check the hints in the quiz portal and you can find the value for ‘kind’ is incorrect. It should be ‘Deployment’ with a capital ‘D’ then apply the changes:

kubectl apply -f /root/deployment-definition-1.yaml