How to complete the "PAM Authentication" task

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I’ve already been referring to the same link only. I’ve set the environment as mentioned but im not able to authenticate the website.

Can you give a tip on how the website url should be configured.

Is it http or https ?


Can you suggest on this?


Website should work on http only since you are not asked to run it on https specifically.

Please try to check Apache logs to get some information what exactly happening behind the scenes, I am sure you will get some valuable information from there to troubleshoot the issue.


This question is really confusing if we didn’t read it carefully and ending up changing lot of stuff in Apache… we are missing logic here… Basic + PAM Authentication… it took a lot of time to understand but finally able to finish it… Read the question carefully…
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@hprasanna hint for u: use /protected at end of LB url in your SS to check or from jump box try below
curl -u username>:password> http://<LB Url/protected/index.html
and it should work for only given user… for other users it should return 401 unauthorized error. All the best :slight_smile:

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I’m not able to run command sudo systemctl start httpd keeps throwing this error Failed to get D-Bus connection: Operation not permitted. Has anyone ran into this issue? @Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3


Why are you trying to start Apache on storage server, I think you need to start it on app servers instead.

Helpful hint & question is quite tricky @Inderpreet @kiran

This question was asked 23 days ago. I no longer remember the point of the task.
I will try again next time around.

Task: PAM Authentication for Apache.

@hprasanna @kiran @hasmukhrathod @Inderpreet @vijin.palazhi

as per this url:

followed the steps until restarting httpd on app1 server. All went fine until this point.

when I am selecting port to view host1. I get below error message displayed.

what is it I am missing, any hint or place that I should look at, will help me.

Please comment. Thank you!

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@swaroopcs88 protected directory supposed to be configured at URL /protected, did you try that?

@Inderpreet I am sorry, unable to understand the below requirement i.e. what action is required from me.

protected directory supposed to be configured at URL /protected, did you try that?