Homelab suggestions?

I have a server which I want to use for setting up practice lab at home. I have installed VMWare Esxi 6.5 on it, and ready to go. But, I am not completely sure of how to proceed from here. I am not a system admin, and this is my first server which I bought for playing around. May be this is an overkill, but I want to start off with learning how to setup K8s on premise. If you can provide any info on setting up home lab for this course, that’ll be a great help. My server config is given below:

Dell T410
2 Xeon E5620 Quad core processors
64 Gig RAM
3 (240 + 240 + 240GB) SSD
600 GB SAS 15k 6G drive.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Hello, @vikaskolluri
You can do initial start from the setup k8s cluster from scratch.
Please do step by step from the kodekloud YT channel. HERE

Thanks for the quick reply @player001. The YT channel provides instructions to setup VMs using Virtual Box and Vagrant. But I am looking for instructions to setup virtual machines using VMWare ESXi. Are there any resources?

Kindly check this guide: