Hi, what does this mean `Copy pod spec to file /opt/yournamespace/podversion.` . . .

Rohit Pawar:
Hi, what does this mean Copy pod spec to file /opt/yournamespace/podversion. is it the same as get kubeclt get pod pod-name -o yaml > <filename> ?

Mohamed Ayman:
Yes, export the POD spec to a file using kubectl get command.

Rohit Pawar:
thank you!

Please help to answer the below

Mount a temporary volume within a busybox pod named “shell” at directory “/export/volume”
copy the pod spec into /opt/yourname/shellvolume
To the earlier pod “shell” attach liveliness probe to check the file /export/volume/app.log being available.
Setup init container into shell pod that got created just now, to create a file /export/volume/app.log empty
file before the busybox container is run.