Hi team, I want to share one concern, please suggest what should I do. I comple . . .

Mayur Sharma:
Hi team, I want to share one concern, please suggest what should I do.

I completed CKAD last month and started on CKA a week back thinking to gain more
knowledge on cluster level. I am good at development with K8s but have less knowledge on linux,
networking and certificates basics.

I am a Java developer by profession having experience of around 9 years and
would thought to have CKA in my bucket to grow myself in cloud era.

Started the CKA course with full dedication and have completed all most all videos as of now.

I am struggling on following points

  1. After the TLS videos I know what and why certificates are getting used, but during debugging my mind stuck
    and after seeing so many option in one process command, I fear how could I remember all.

  2. I understand basic networking, but when the videos start communication between one subnet to
    another subnet of another world, I feel I lost it!

  3. Troubleshooting application - I can do this, but when cluster level components come into picture
    I feel where to start looking.

Afraid to gather courage again to get started. thinking to start the course again, but feels very less motivated now.

wanted to understand, whether its me or some more people who faces this situation. Should I drop CKA :disappointed:

Hi Mayur… No rocket science here. In order to get enough confidence on troubleshooting you should have good understanding of k8s concepts & architecture. Also make sure your Linux basic knowledge is strong. Be confident…You can do it. https://kodekloud.com/p/the-linux-basics-course https://www.udemy.com/course/valaxy-linux/

Sambasiva Rao:
Thanks Mayur! Me too have similar issue. Iam also from Java background. I have opted for the above suggested course.

Mayur Sharma:
Thanks @unnivkn for sharing the links, I will go through. Will also setup the cluster manually, may be it would help.

Thanks @Sambasiva Rao for sharing.