Hi team, I have enrolled for CKAD exam coming week and wanted to sure on pre-re . . .

Mayur Sharma:
Hi team,

I have enrolled for CKAD exam coming week and wanted to sure on pre-requisite, please guide me here,

• Do I need sudo access for any task, I am a non-regular user of UNIX (though knows basic concept). Please tell me where would I get the sudo password (in case I need to run sudo root)
• If In any case, am I asked to do ssh on any node? please share experience in here like what scenario and how to exit (I think I can run exit once and I will be back to normal terminal)
• After editing .vimrc and .bashrc file, do I need to do source <filename> as well. And, in which case I need to re-edit/run these command?
• Kindly confirm, changing the context/namespace command would always be given in question
• Please give me best explanation for convincing my examiner to allow me for using bookmarks (in case examiner denies), as I highly rely on those.
• I have asked few doubts in above, not answered from anyone, please try to give your views.
@Tej_Singh_Rana @Mohamed Ayman @Mumshad Mannambeth: Tagging you here as I understand you guys are most active here.

Thanks a lot!

Kiran Kumar R:

  1. Incase u want root access ,then execute sudo command over there , i think no need pasword in exam incase they will mention password there.

Kiran Kumar R:
2. ssh nodeip or nodename . once done your task in particular node then come back to base node by executing exit command or ctrl+d key

Kiran Kumar R:
4.for every question u will get context before attempting question please execute context , if not question is invalid and u will not get marks .

Kiran Kumar R:
5. yes u can use bookmarks .

Kiran Kumar R:
3. 3rd question i m not aware @Mayur Sharma

Kiran Kumar R:
I hope u understand my answers if not ask me again .

Mayur Sharma:
Thanks @Kiran Kumar R for the quick response:

Few doubts,
regarding #1, you mean to say to use sudo, I can run like sudo <commandName>
#2, when we change the node, do we ned to set the context again?
#5, what explanation we should give to examiner, as I heard in here that examiner has deneid to use bookmarks in past.

Kiran Kumar R:

  1. command to access root , su - or sudo -i

Kiran Kumar R:
2. before attempting that question execute context thats enough .

Kiran Kumar R:
3. i didnt used bookmarks in my CKA exam but i heard from others we can use bookmarks that no problem , any way u ask someone who knows better in this query.

@Kiran Kumar R Do we actually need to focus on point 1 & 2 for CKAD ? or you are telling for CKA ?

Kiran Kumar R:
Hi @rahul not aware of ckad , i told how it will be in cka .

Shwetha Shenoy V:

  1. Go through basic linux commands. They will help you be quick.
  2. I believe all of this information is present in the handbook. Go through it.
  3. yes, you will have to source them to apply the new changes.
  4. If required, you will be asked to execute it.
  5. I didnt use bookmarks much during my exam. (hardly 2-3 times). If they dont allow, you will need to tell them that it is mentioned in the handbook and they will need to prove to you that it is not allowed.

Mayur Sharma:
Thanks @Shwetha Shenoy V for the response.
I have already gone through the handbook and did not find information related #2, will have a look again if I missed anything.

Mayur Sharma:
I find it here … https://docs.linuxfoundation.org/tc-docs/certification/tips-cka-and-ckad
Thanks @Shwetha Shenoy V once again!

Hope slack members cleared your doubts. I would like to share some tips hope that’s helpful to you.

  1. In the very beginning, if you’re not able to solve the question then move to the next. Don’t spend the whole time on a single question.
  2. Nested SSH not allowed.
  3. Use correct namespace.
  4. Use the correct context, advantages are - it’s given with each question.
  6. You can pick any question from the drop down menu. No restriction to perform specific questions.
  7. Make sure you don’t type twice “exit” from the basenode otherwise you’ll get exit from the basenode and again have to reload/login the exam console. It will consume your precious time.
  8. Manage time and attempt all the questions.
  9. It’s better to copy and paste some values from the exam question area (like namespace, pod name, port number and service name etc…).
    Any value that has been highlighted in the exam question area you can copy paste (you just left click the highlighted value, it will be copied)
  10. Don’t panic when you get disconnected from the exam, you can login back. Confirm with the examiner.
    Best of luck!!