Hi @Mumshad Mannambeth @Vijin Palazhi... I am on services lecture on load balan . . .

Ashish Rastogi:
Hi @Mumshad Mannambeth @Vijin Palazhi… I am on services lecture on load balancing … In this screenshot (yellow highliged ips) you explained that it is using node-port service . the example my two node-port services - Voting and Result … how the node ips in which result pods are running can communicate by giving ports of voting … can you please explain and clear my doubt

Mohamed Ayman:
NodePort: Exposes the Service on each Node’s IP at a static port (the NodePort). A ClusterIP Service, to which the NodePort Service routes, is automatically created. You’ll be able to contact the NodePort Service, from outside the cluster, by requesting <NodeIP>:<NodePort>.

You can create a service definition file and It will select the pods based on the defined selector.

Check this: