Hi @Mumshad Mannambeth, Udemy solution for "Ingress Networking-2" is relying on . . .

Hi @Mumshad Mannambeth, Udemy solution for “Ingress Networking-2” is relying on yaml template from documentation in order to create the Ingress with /wear and /watch. But kubectl cli reference is documenting kubectl create ingress NAME --rule=host/path=service:port that could generate the same file using --dry-run -o yaml > file.yaml . Kodecloud exercise cannot be done with this command as kubectl create ingress ... form is unknown. Is this a new command ? Is it possible to have this documented-but-unknow command issue while passing the exam ?

Hello, @Joachim
Yes, you can use this command to generate an ingress manifest file in the official exam.
I think it’s a newly command introduced in v1.20+