Hi @Mumshad Mannambeth @Tej_Singh_Rana @Mohamed Ayman and kodecloud team , Happ . . .

Ninad Desai:
Hi @Mumshad Mannambeth @Tej_Singh_Rana @Mohamed Ayman and kodecloud team ,
Happy to share that have cleared CKA now with score of 85% :innocent: just by following your course and solving practice test chapter wise twice and solving of mock and lightening lab almost 4-5 times (or even more may be :smile: …dont recall as I wanted to get enough speed and aiming to be able to complete them in 30-40mins ).
Exam experience:
Exam experience was little rollercoaster ride as I faced internet connection loss issue almost 4-5 times during exam and each time after connection reset, I was making sure that my previous work is not lost by checking answers of some of the previously solved questions . Luckily proctor was a good person to make sure to hold my exam (to avoid time loss) and stop timer and resume it once my connection is restored. But this whole experience made me nervous during and after exam (with nightmare of my all work might be lost). Since had practice enough, so I was able to solve 15 out of 17 question in 1.30hrs and spend my rest of almost 30mins to try solve the 2 questions which I found tough prior and had marked to solve later.
p.s : 1)The discussions/questions and doubts being discussed in this forum also did help me to play and try different variety of questions scenario while preparing for exam on my local cluster like minikube,kind
2)Do use bookmarks to save your time .

Mohamed Ayman:
Congrats @Ninad Desai Thanks for sharing your experience.