Hi I've CKA exam on Monday. I've gone through all the test and mock exams, ca an . . .

Hi I’ve CKA exam on Monday. I’ve gone through all the test and mock exams, ca anyone give any suggestions or tips on etcdclt and json path?

Fernando Jimenez:
For etcd backup the parts to memorize or to know are as follows:
Use version 3 of the API. You can pass it as a direct environment variable ETCDCTL_API=3 or you can export it once before hand with export ETCDCTL_API=3
There are four command line arguments that must be passed:
–endpoints=(the url that the etcd service is listening on)

For jsonpath is a matter of taking a look first at the json output alone and indentifying the tree that leads to what you want to single out. Start crafting the jsonpath step by step until you get to the output you want.

Fernando Jimenez:
@PR Good luck, Monday