Hi, I was going through solution video of *lightning lab-2. In question 4,* it i . . .

kartik pandey:
Hi, I was going through solution video of lightning lab-2. In question 4, it is specified that we have to use master node for the pod “my-busybox”. Usually there is taint specified on the master node. But in the solution it was done with using spec.nodeName property in the pod definition file.
My question here is, does nodeName property override the taints somehow ?
Also, In exams should we use nodeName instead of nodeAffinity block in pod definition file ?

Mohamed Ayman:
Yes, nodeName used for manual scheduling so It will schedule the pod on the node despite node having a taint.

kartik pandey:
Great! that’s a powerful tool. Which can save few minutes during exam. Thanks :slight_smile: