Hi, I wanted to clarify something re CKA exam. Is it true that you cannot have a . . .

Paul French:
Hi, I wanted to clarify something re CKA exam. Is it true that you cannot have a pen and paper to write on during test? I like drawing a picture of the proposed question sometime (service/deployment/pod, etc) for clarity. Thanks

Shwetha Shenoy V:
You cannot have any material like loose sheets, books, pens etc. on your desk. This will be checked by the instructor.

Santiago Scalzadonna:
I don’t think you’ll need to diagram, the exercises are really straight forward and easy to follow along with the information provided, good luck!

Anderson Farias Pacheco:
You can use papel or pen.

you can read exam rules here which clearly states you cannot use notes https://docs.linuxfoundation.org/tc-docs/certification/lf-candidate-handbook/exam-rules-and-policies

The following resources are forbidden during the Exam:
Text-based email clients
Browsing the Internet using installed tools such as Vim and Emacs
Communications with other Candidates or outside resources
Use of devices other than the exam desktop
Documentation (* the documentation installed by the distribution IS permitted)
Course manuals
Devices external to computer on which they are taking the exam, including but not limited to: mobile phones, PDAs, wearable computers, smart glasses, smart watches
Desk must be clear of all notes and electronics

Hello, @Anderson Farias Pacheco
We can’t use paper or pen.

Paul French:
ok thank you for the prompt replies