Hi guys. i am preparing CKA exam. my question is; can i use <http://kubernetes. . . .

Hi guys. i am preparing CKA exam. my question is; can i use http://kubernetes.io|kubernetes.io doc fully during the exam time like mock exam?

Blazhe Mitrev:

Ayush Gupta:
yes, but only tab is allowed

thanks a lot for you guys reply:) it’s really helpful to me

Resources allowed during exam:
Candidates may use their Chrome or Chromium browser to open one additional tab in order to access
assets at:
● https://kubernetes.io/docs/ and its subdomains. This includes all available language translations
of this page (e.g. https://kubernetes.io/zh/docs/https://kubernetes.io/zh/docs/)|)
● https://github.com/kubernetes/ and its subdomains
● https://kubernetes.io/blog/
No other tabs may be opened and no other sites may be navigated to.
The allowed sites above may contain links that point to external sites. It is the responsibility of the
candidate not to click on any links that cause them to navigate to a domain that is not allowed.
One more thing I would like to add https://discuss.kubernetes.io/ site not allowed during the exam.

John Paul:
Yeah be watchful when you search in docs, some of the links in the search result may point to http://discuss.kubernetes.io|discuss.kubernetes.io , opening that may endup in a warning