Hi Guys, Copying text from <http://kubernetes.io|kubernetes.io> and pasting to v . . .

Hi Guys, Copying text from http://kubernetes.io|kubernetes.io and pasting to vi terminal introduces unwanted characters. Is there any efficient way of coping them rather than deleting characters and reinserting spaces in the vi editor. Thanks!

Fernando Jimenez:
Do you mean misaligned? Do you use

:set paste

before inserting?

I use windows. While doing labs @ KodeCloud , I copy text using Ctrl-C from Quiz portal and then paste in the vi editor using CTRL-SHIFT-V. Not sure how do control work in the actual exam.

Fernando Jimenez:
This is as much the candidate’s handbook says:

Ctrl+C &amp; and Ctrl+V are not supported in your exam terminal.
To copy and paste text, please use;
6.1 For Linux: select text for copy and middle button for paste (or both left and right simultaneously if you have no middle button).
6.2 For Mac: ⌘+C to copy and ⌘+V to paste.
6.3 For Windows: Ctrl+Insert to copy and Shift+Insert to paste.
6.4 In addition, you might find it helpful to use the Notepad (see top menu under 'Exam Controls') to manipulate text before pasting to the command line.