Hi All, I have a question about CKA 244. *Practice Test - Troubleshoot Network*: . . .

Andrei Zimin:
Hi All, I have a question about CKA 244. Practice Test - Troubleshoot Network:
In question 2, the daemonset kube-proxy has a wrong link (--config=/var/lib/kube-proxy/configuration.conf), and the answer says that the path to kube-proxy config file is /var/lib/kube-proxy/config.conf . If I run kubectl -n kube-system describe configmap kube-proxy it shows /var/lib/kube-proxy/kubeconfig.conf . Also, if I do ls /var/lib on the master node - it doesn’t have a kube-proxy folder - what I am doing wrong? How can I find /var/lib/kube-proxy/config.conf? Thank you!

Tan Soon Sian:
If you look at the daemonset config especially on the volume section, you would find /var/lib/kube-proxy defined using configmap. Within the configmap configuration, you would find two separate config file with their respective config parameters defined. So the daemonset was just referencing to the specific config file defined in the configmap