Hey guys! I'm so happy to share I've cleared CKA! Thank you very much @Mumshad M . . .

Hey guys! I’m so happy to share I’ve cleared CKA! Thank you very much @Mumshad Mannambeth and other instructors. Hope this could inspire others in preparation. I’m a Dev background with not much knowledge in containers or K8s. I started my journey with k8s from January and follow the CKA course with at least 2 times of each lab. It was an intensive learning path, so I’m really happy I got it! I scored 79 with total 17 questions, where I clearly know 2 of which I failed during the exam.

So basically this course is great with minimum reading doc effort to keep up with current k8s version.
jian-zhao-certified-kubernetes-administrator-cka-certificate.pdf (700 KB)

Mumshad Mannambeth:
Wow! Congratulations @JIAN ZHAO!!! Well done!

Mohamed Ayman:
Congratulations!! :tada: