Hey Everyone, i failed my test recently, scored 60%. Whats the best way to prep . . .

Brijesh Jaggi:
Hey Everyone,
i failed my test recently, scored 60%. Whats the best way to prep again, need 6% more.

I Know i did not farewell on networking

It’s a really strange question, because normally you know where you’re failed so the real question is did you know your weakness during the exam ?

Sorry to hear that @Brijesh Jaggi I think the best way is to re-do all the practice tests, mock exams and try to be as comfortable as you could be with kubectl imperative commands and vim. Did you attempt most of the questions?

Brijesh Jaggi:
strange question indeed, thought of checking any ways….

Not end of the world … good you tried … time based exam …practice your weak areas … try to complete any mock exams as fast as you can … try as many variations as you can

Aim for 100% … you may land up . Little less … don’t worry … nothing is strange … you can ask questions…

Brijesh Jaggi:
thanks guys, i alwaus thought autocomplete should be enabled in the exam. has it changed?

I do not think so buddy, you will have to set it up

Mumshad Mannambeth:
Sorry to hear that @Brijesh Jaggi! May I know if that was CKA or CKAD? 6% is close :slightly_frowning_face:. I would recommend putting together a recovery plan and attempt again as soon as possible :muscle:. Things I would recommend:
• Identify areas that you think you missed out and go through those again.
• Work on speed if you think you ran out of time. Practice using imperative commands and working with yaml files.
• This will allow you to attempt one or two questions more.
And I think that should be sufficient to get an additional 6%. Wish you all the best. :clap:

Brijesh Jaggi:
thank you Mumshad, it was CKA.
I thought it was worthy enough for a 66%, you are right i need to finish fast and leave sometime for review …. :sweat: