Help needed: Jenkins Create Scheduled Builds

Hi Team,
I have install plugin ssh build wrapper, and scheduled build in jenkins but while creating job I am not getting remote site to select from drop down. Please help me


Hi @roopal.mishra,

Have you resolved this issue yet?

Have you tried these steps?

Jenkins --> Manage Jenkins --> configure system --> go to section ( ssh remote hosts) --> add hostname(s)

…see if this helps:-)

Good luck!

ya tried but it is not working for me , i am really stuck with jenkins task


@roopal.mishra Try with " Publish Over SSH" plugin.

we are getting error while copying the logs to storage server

@gnkhanna2002, can you please share (DM) the solution video ?

Hi Rahul,

The issue is while copying the logs to storage server.
Finally it was resolved.

Thanks Rahul for responding.

Naresh Khanna