Help needed in setting up 3 node K8s cluster

Hello all, I’m new to K8s. Although i have sufficient knowledge on Docker and Swarm.

In kubernetes i’m facing a lot of confusion in setting up my own dev environment. I have windows laptop with virtual box installed. In KK tutorials, author had explained about using Minikube to run a single host cluster. But i want to setup atleast 1 master and 2 workers cluster. I don’t want to use Play with K8s or use a single host cluster. Please help how can i use Virtualbox to set up 3 node cluster.

Also, In our production environment in our organization we have 3 On-prem RHEL servers. I need to set them as K8s cluster. What is the best way to do this. Currently we are not using any orchestration and thinking to start with k8s.

I’m bit confused with this. Kindly support

Install step by step. Many useful links is available in internet and official page of k8s.

For RHEL you can use openshift or okd (community openshift). You can also use kubernetes.
You can read the documentation in

Hello all,
Finally made it to work. Actually the documentation is updated in So had hard time setting up the cluster by following the video. I hope mumshad updates the video with latest documentation