Hello @Mumshad Mannambeth \ @Tej_Singh_Rana \ team, for application troubleshoot . . .

Ninad Desai:
Hello @Mumshad Mannambeth \ @Tej_Singh_Rana \ team, for application troubleshooting test from CKA ; getting below even though i do not have connectivity issue or exam time out

Ninad Desai:
again the same issue … can somebody advise if anyone else facing the same issue for CKA practice test of application failure where session getting dropped

Hello, @Ninad Desai
Please be patience, we are checking…

Ninad Desai:
okay thank you for looking into it (its happened again 3rd time,just fyi)

Hinodeya learn:
Yeah you just need to open new terminal @Ninad Desai I have had the same issue this afternoon