Hello guys, I have one query , I do not have kubelet installed on masternode bu . . .

Prasoon Mishra:
Hello guys,

I have one query , I do not have kubelet installed on masternode but when I putting yaml in /etc/Kubernetes/manifests directory of masternode static pod is gets created, but I am not able to find out where this path defined for master node?

suresh goli:
ps -aux | grep -i kubelet will give you the kublet configuration file. In that file static pod manifest folder mentioned

Prasoon Mishra:
@suresh goli, I have already checked as there is no kubelet installed.

@Prasoon Mishra Are you sure you do not have the kubelet installed; it runs as a systemd service when using kubeadm, it is installed before running it? It is responsible for starting the static pods that are defined in the /etc/kubernetes/manifests folder.

Full spec is below from /var/lib/kubelet the path is defined as:

staticPodPath: /etc/kubernetes/manifests
apiVersion: <http://kubelet.config.k8s.io/v1beta1|kubelet.config.k8s.io/v1beta1>
    enabled: false
    cacheTTL: 0s
    enabled: true
    clientCAFile: /etc/kubernetes/pki/ca.crt
  mode: Webhook
    cacheAuthorizedTTL: 0s
    cacheUnauthorizedTTL: 0s
cgroupDriver: systemd
clusterDomain: cluster.local
cpuManagerReconcilePeriod: 0s
evictionPressureTransitionPeriod: 0s
fileCheckFrequency: 0s
healthzPort: 10248
httpCheckFrequency: 0s
imageMinimumGCAge: 0s
kind: KubeletConfiguration
logging: {}
nodeStatusReportFrequency: 0s
nodeStatusUpdateFrequency: 0s
resolvConf: /run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf
rotateCertificates: true
runtimeRequestTimeout: 0s
staticPodPath: /etc/kubernetes/manifests
streamingConnectionIdleTimeout: 0s
syncFrequency: 0s
volumeStatsAggPeriod: 0s

Prasoon Mishra:
@Adey I had checked both with systemd and ps aux cmd , I am able to find out the kubelet on worker nodes with same cmd but not in master node.

I have faced exactly <https://kodekloud.slack.com/archives/CHMV3P9NV/p1613324619202500|same issue> in the past and question in the past. Could not get any answer here on the forum.
I tried to find the running kubelet both the way i.e. ps -aux and systemd search.

Prasoon Mishra:
@Tej_Singh_Rana can you please check

Because of some reasons, it’s not there.

We already know default location /etc/kubernetes/manifests/ .

In the official exam, you will get everything pre-installed and can access through the commands.

Prasoon Mishra: