Hello everyone, My kubernetes journey started last year. Completed CKA with 92 . . .

Hello everyone,

My kubernetes journey started last year. Completed CKA with 92% last year and this week went ahead with CKAD and passed with 90% :tada:
Big thanks to @Mumshad Mannambeth for the wonderful course. I really enjoyed CKA course as it really helped me to understand core concepts much better.

Tips :

  1. Do not try to build yaml from scratch and always use either imperative commands or copy it from k8s website (use book marks for samples).
  2. Always blindly change the context by copy pasting the command mentioned at the top of each question
  3. Read the question completely before trying to solve. Majority of the questions request to create pods/deployments in different namespaces. I made it as a practice to use “k -n <namespace>” for each of my commands instead of setting the namespace via set config command and unset at the end of it.
  4. Get familiar with the configmaps/secrets and mounting them as env variables, mountPaths etc
  5. Bookmarks are lifesavers
  6. If you have completed CKA and if you want to give CKAD immediately it would be the best option instead of procrastinating. It may take additional 2 weeks effort to clear CKAD once u clear CKA.
  7. The questions are lengthy in CKAD , so do not get scared by looking at the length of questions, take a deep breath, looking at the weightage and move on to next one immediately if it the questions carry just 2 to 3%. They can be tackled at the end.
  8. Last but not least, there is no substitute for hardwork. Please practice…practice…practice.
    Below are the some of the references that I have used:


Fernando Jimenez:
@ramu Congratulations. Nicely done! Time to celebrate.

Congratulation @ramu… well done.

Thank you!