Hello Everyone, I was hoping for the day that I’ll share my certificate as well. . . .

Hello Everyone,
I was hoping for the day that I’ll share my certificate as well. Finally did it with 96/100 score. I would like thank to @Mumshad Mannambeth first for this great course. It could be pretty tough to pass the exam without it.
Here are my key points for the ones who will take the exam.

• I’ve studied from both LinuxAcademy and Mumshad’s course. I can clearly say that there is no need to study any source rather than Mumshad’s Udemy course.
• I’ve spent 45 days studying for the exam. After the exam I’ve noticed that 1 month is actually good enough.
• I watched the video series for only once. But I finished all the labs and mock exam for 6 time. (also finished game of pods for once) I really recommend everyone to perform labs and mock exam for more than 5 times. The exam will be really piece of cake after this.
• Kubernetes-the-hard-way is not necessary for the exam. I completely skipped messing with it. (not in the udemy course)
• Text manipulators like “awk” and “sed” is not a must but needed for the exam. It could be very helpful if you study these tools before the exam. Watching “how-to” videos on youtube will be enough.
• Jsonpath is a must. Practice as much as you can before the exam otherwise it’s possible that you’ll spend a lot of time solving it.
• Exam environment is very well-designed. You can copy the resource names without any problem. Question explanations are also very clear in my opinion.
• I did not use notebook at all in the exam. I heard from others that it’s getting stuck.
• I did not use any bookmark in the exam. The search button will enough for you if you practiced with it. Just define a pattern for yourself. For example, I was typing “pv” to search button, navigating the second page (configure pv for pods) and using yaml templates over there. This was my route to solve the PersistentVolume questions.
• I did not use any alias rather than “k = kubectl”. Just set auto-completion and this alias from cheat sheet in the beginning of exam. Don’t spend too much on aliases. This will be enough.
• I’ve finished the exam in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Performing labs + mock exams for multiple times made me finish in this early. The rest of the time I’ve just checked my answers. So time will be enough. (even in updated version, 2 hours)
• Read every question for 2 times in the real exam since there can be a situation that you need to care for the namespace or any other resource.
• Do not spend more than 10 minutes on one question. It’ll be like tunnel effect, there will be less chance for you to solve that question after 10 minutes. Just skip it, come back and you will solve it.
And finally, I would like to thank @Midhun Mohan, @Salman and @Tej_Singh_Rana for answering my questions about k8s from the channel. It’s great to see that helpful people exist in the world :slightly_smiling_face: Also I am ready to answer your questions related with k8s here. I wish good luck to everyone!


Midhun Mohan:
Congrats @Onur PULASLI . Great work :tada:

Congratulation @Onur PULASLI

Congrtas @Onur Pulasli