Hello Everyone, I’m happy to share that I have cleared my CKA Exam with 90%. I . . .

Deepak Ladwa:
Hello Everyone,

I’m happy to share that I have cleared my CKA Exam with 90%.

I want to take this opportunity to thank @Mumshad Mannambeth & team for the awesome course content.

I would also like to thank to all the community member for clarifying and clearing the posted queries.

Special thanks to @Tej_Singh_Rana & @Pratik Patel for their support.
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Mohamed Ayman:
Congratulations!! Well Done!

Mohamed Ayman:
Please share your exam experience and issues you faced during the exam. It will help the others.

Deepak Ladwa:
@Mohamed Ayman thanks. Yeah, sure.

Many Congratulations @Deepak Ladwa :hugging_face:

Krishnaswami AS:

Pratik Patel:
Many many Congratulations @Deepak Ladwa :tada:

Deepak Ladwa:
@Mohamed Ayman
here by sharing my experience:

Practice all lab exercises, lighting & mock exams very well.
Try to configure/use different resource modules together i.e.
deployment with volumes, tolerations, port number & name
deployment with multi-container pod
Daemon set with tolerations
Secrets with Volumes
CM with volumes
KK course content is enough for all the topics except Network policy ( for NP – you can refer below link)
Have your bookmarks correctly pointing to the right section of the page – this will save lot of time
Practice commands from k8s cheat sheet page
Before trying to create any resources – first always check if anything is already configure/defined for that particular resource type.

Below are some useful links which I had referred for the preparation:

Network policy:

Sidecar containers:


Resize a PVC:

Kubernetes Volume Basics: emptyDir and PersistentVolume: