Hello CKA enthusiasts, Very happy to inform you that I cleared CKA exam with fly . . .

Sandeep Kumar:
Hello CKA enthusiasts,
Very happy to inform you that I cleared CKA exam with flying colors. Thanks @Mumshad Mannambeth for this amazing course, thanks others for helping with queries in this channel. Here are some honest tips if you like to follow my advice :

  1. 2 hour is more than enough to attempt all questions, including review. Be confident.
  2. I took first 5 to 6 min just to go through all the questions, not to get last min surprise that I didnt get time solve simple qst.
  3. I made strategy that first I will solve easier ones, without caring about their %ge. This way I was able to solve 70% qst within 60 min and without stucking.
  4. This strategy gave me enough confidence. For the rest 30% qst, I followed same strategy, selected easier from them and attempted and moved to the next.
  5. I did get stuck in one or two qst but didnt spent more than 7-8 min and switched to the next. in Last 20 min I had only one qst left which I knew I may not be able to solve.
    So without loosing anymore time, I started reviewing from the beginning. At the end I was confident that I will clear.
  6. I had external monitor, external Bluetooth keyboard, external Bluetooth mouse, apart from this absolutely nothing on the desk and All seems to be ok.
  7. Copy Paste works just fine, I used Win10 laptop and Ctrl+Insert (For Copy) and Shift+Insert (For Paste) worked fine.
  8. Copying yaml contents from documentation to the terminal also worked fine, I didn’t use :set Paste or anything like that.
  9. I did use alias and bash completion from cheat sheet and it was useful at times.
  10. If you are not confident on using Linux command like awk,sed,cut etc then don’t worry. You can easily do the things with echo, grep.
  11. Practice is key but if you get same question all the time like in kodekloud then chances are that you remember them and simply solving it same way all the time.
    This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice them, I solved them at least 3-4 times, including lesson exercise.
  12. I didn’t practice LL, Mock exams in last 2 days (I had done it enough before) and rather spent times on going through official documentation. Specially for some topics like, Ingress, NetworkPolicy, cluster upgrade concept, etcd backup and restore, logging architecture, side car etc.
    For NetPol try practicing using https://github.com/ahmetb/kubernetes-network-policy-recipes this will give you enough confidence on netpol topics.
  13. Regarding delay in receiving certificates, I would say there were no delay in my case and I received it in < 36 hours.

Hi Sandeep. Congratulations for cleaning the CKA. I would like to know one thing.

  1. In exam, can we move from one question to another without completing?
    If yes, when we resume the previous qn will it start from same point or from beginning?
    Thank you and congratulations again.

Sandeep Kumar:
Yes you can move to next qst without solving it. Please read this official documentation carefully to get more idea https://docs.linuxfoundation.org/tc-docs/certification/tips-cka-and-ckad


Thanks for the useful content.

dheeraj yadav:
Hi Sandeep, Congratulations on passing the exam. I was wondering if you could share some info on the practice part. What all things did you refer to for practice?

Sandeep Kumar:
Hi @dheeraj yadav , I practiced mostly kodekloud excercise, LL, mock exams. For documentation only http://kubernetes.io|kubernetes.io. For network policy, git resource i mentioned above nothing else. This course is more than enough to pass.

This is very insightful. I took the test yesterday but my autocomplete function didn’t work. Not only that but it messed up linux’s standard auto complete. the commands I used were alias k=kubectl complete -F __start_kubectl k Is there something I am doing wrong here?

Also congratulations! :raised_hands: