Hello all, if I look at <https://k8s.work/cka-lab.mp4> (after 43:49 ~ ) , etcd b . . .

Hello all,
if I look at https://k8s.work/cka-lab.mp4 (after 43:49 ~ ) ,
etcd backup/restore is really easy. Can I do like this for cka?

@양상헌 You’re not allowed to download anything from git/external resource/url in live exam,

however his backup&restore is good for production/testing env

Hi PJeeva,
what if I need to setup cluster for cka,
https://kubernetes.io/docs/setup/production-environment/tools/kubeadm/high-availability/#steps-for-the-first-control-plane-node , Step2 says

kubectl apply -f “https://cloud.weave.works/k8s/net?k8s-version=$(kubectl version | base64 | tr -d ‘\n’)”

is this also not allowed as it is external resource?

@양상헌 the weave example is officially stated in the document whereas the original link you mentioned accesses resources that aren’t. So you can’t use them