Hello all, I cleared CKA exam today at the second time.. Let me share my comme . . .

Hello all,

I cleared CKA exam today at the second time…
Let me share my comments as other guys did.
I took an first exam in Dec.26 and failed,it’s so close to 66% but failed.

The reasons I got failed on the first exam are

  • failed to control my time per question accordingly,I spent too much time on one question
  • I couldn’t even touch the 4questions due to lack of time.
  • not familar with the environmental switching,ex: I answered at another cluster,back to correct context and repeat again.
  • copy/paste indentation are not working correctly in the exam environment
    (In my own environment, copy/paste indentation is always fine.)
  • confused to understand question correctly…
  • not use alias enough.
  • not structured bookmark.(time taken to get to the right page itself, it took around 4~5seconds,)

During the preparation on the 2nd exam,
I created my own environment on my labtop(64GB RAM),
I’ve done many practices again & again to reduce the time to solve

Like other guys said, practice,practice,practice is the best tip,
Using snapshot/recovery on vmware workstation was very helpful, I could repeat same question again&again until I got familar and enough.
practice&practice made it to shorten the time to solve the same question dramatically. (eg: netpol question on Mock or github was 25->20->15->8->4~6min)

Some tips I think it’s useful for exam are ;

  • Absolutely, Mumshad Mannambeth’s CKA course - I listened more than 3times fully, further I selectively listen the chapter
    again&again where I feel difficult until I fully understand.
    Just before 2nd exam, I could feel comfortable at the whole chapter, including that “WAS” difficult to me.

  • Mock exams and Lighting labs - I played with more than 5 times, so I could shorten the time more and more.

  • Surely, it’s a must https://github.com/ahmetb/kubernetes-network-policy-recipes

  • I’ve read all messages in this slack room, and reproduced it in my own environment, and tried to solve it.

  • built my own environment to play with.

  • contol time per question during the exam strategically.(At the beginning I focus on easy one with high score)

  • used imperative command and alias as much as possible, surely this me save time.

  • using alphabetical-order-bookmark was very efficient and get to the right page in seconds, and remove other non-critical bookmark to me,too many bookmarks can cause time-consuming to search page^^

  • I used tmux as needed.(but it’s not must)

I’ve spent almost 12hours a day for a month as I’m on Sabbath month break for 2months. ^^

Specially I really appreciate Tej whenever answered my question and also members who answered my questions…
If there isn’t this channel,I couldn’t make it possible.

Thanks again, all~!! ^^

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Congratulations @양상헌 :hugging_face:
Thanks for sharing your experience && journey with us. Definitely, it will help other members. :+1:

Congratulations @양상헌 Thanks for the details.

Thanks Tej, PP ~~ ^^

George Lazaroff:
Congratulations @양상헌!!!

damn @양상헌 that’s brutal preparation xD, congrats mate. I wrote a blog on https://redshubh.medium.com/new-cka-ckad-v1-19-0-exam-notes-95f456464864|bookmarks and certain tips as well.

Mohamed Ayman:
Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing your experience!