Having an issue with the lab SSL-TLS, I am unable to ssh@thorapp01 to jump_host

having an issue with the lab Ian unable to ssh@thor@app01 to jum_host

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Hi @Ange225
Check the full solution below :

I followed the solution as stated (copies the generated text from cat mykey.pub into the remote servers authorized_keys file) and was able to login (from jump_host) using ssh thor@app01 but an error is popping up: ‘thor’ user on ‘jump host’ is not able to SSH into ‘app01’ using ‘/home/thor/.ssh/mykey’ private key. .I even executed this command: ssh-add ~/.ssh/mykey

Same for me I have done everything.It passes the first check but gives me issue with the second and telling me X for Verify SSH access.

I confirm, same for me

Hi Team,

Lab console is not even loading.Checked internet speed,its good.

I find the same issue!

I encounter the same issue

@pepoga… I have checked and could lab is loading fine

could you please retry and let us know exact issue if you still face it

Yes, it is possible to create the private and public keys. But after ssh-ing into app01 using the newly created public and private keys, the lab still marks it as incomplete.

I was able to pass the validation with this