Having an issue with the lab SSL-TLS, I am unable to ssh@thorapp01 to jump_host

having an issue with the lab Ian unable to ssh@thor@app01 to jum_host

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Hi @Ange225
Check the full solution below :

I followed the solution as stated (copies the generated text from cat mykey.pub into the remote servers authorized_keys file) and was able to login (from jump_host) using ssh thor@app01 but an error is popping up: ‘thor’ user on ‘jump host’ is not able to SSH into ‘app01’ using ‘/home/thor/.ssh/mykey’ private key. .I even executed this command: ssh-add ~/.ssh/mykey

Same for me I have done everything.It passes the first check but gives me issue with the second and telling me X for Verify SSH access.

I confirm, same for me

Hi Team,

Lab console is not even loading.Checked internet speed,its good.