Have you ever use statefulSet for database redundant ? Do we ever need it in K8S . . .

Have you ever use statefulSet for database redundant ? Do we ever need it in K8S?

Lakshminarayanan Krishnan:
Learn how to work with it, though I don’t think it will be quizzed on in the exam. Just be aware of what statefulset is and how it is different from deployment

Memo Toro:
Hello, database in k8s I think is a good idea only for testing and learning. Usually for production databases you use the cloud service that helps you a lot with different issues on data storage like hard drives, volumes, ssd, etc. Using containers for database you will get in a difficult road of managing volumes on containers for databases that need quite a lot of features like redundancy, i/o rules, etc.

@Memo Toro Well in most of the major cloud you do not need to worried about volume. You can point them with storage class and call them by PVC. I was looking for a option to do a load balancing between database container.

This close to my requirement but i want more than one mysql container with load-balancing.

Memo Toro:
Hello. Yes you are right, cloud providers give you the ease of volumes and in conjunction with PVC you will have that sorted out. However, just keep in mind that database for high through put in i/o is better to go for db services directly in the cloud. I read a benchmark a while ago so it is definitely a better approach to go for db cloud services than provide a high availability by yourself.

Not everyone runs in the Cloud. :wink: