HAProxy Task Failed


I configured the service but it gives task failed. Please check the attachment.

Hello, onik.azad
HAProxy listening on Port 80?

Yes it is listening on port 80

@player001 it failed again. Please see the attached screenshot.

@player001 @Inderpreet @KodeKloud @kodekloud-support3 please help me to understand where I am making mistake.

Tell me one thing is are you sure your haproxy is listening on port 80 ?
Because i am looking it’s set to 5000.

@player001 for today’s task the haproxy was listening on port 5000 and the curl command was working from jump host. I don’t understand why it’s not working from the web host’s 80 port.

@onik.azad, Please check your frontend port. it should be 80. Users will use default http port 80 to access the LB and Then LB (HAProxy) will forward the request to configured backend server. So in HAProxy, backend server’s configuration should be same as their actual configuration. HAProxy is not only load-balancing but also provides feasibility to configure backend server in their desired port.