Haproxy Server Configuration Failed


I configured haproxy on LBR host on port 80 as per question. After submitting it says failed the server is unable to connect port 6001!.

I have attached one screenshot.

@neverforgetsamit could please tell me what’s wrong with this configuration?

you have to use configured port of http not default http port, that’s the reason.

@player001 what do you mean by configured port? Please help me to understand. In the question it was mentioned to use the default port.

@onik.azad, default HTTP port for frontend server i.e. HAProxy LBR, but you have to configure your backend server i.e. (stapp01, stapp02, stapp03) according to their actual configuration. you have to check all your backend server http port configuration by logging into respective app server. in your case it was 6001. so configuration should be >> server stapp01 check

Thanks @ahmedkuet for explaining this to me. It’s now clear.