Haproxy LBR task

I executed the lbr haproxy task and did the work, i also verified the lbr connectivity with the 3 app server as you can see in the print screen, can you please indicate to me where is the error ??

@Inderpreet hi, any news about my query please ?

Hi @informixids

You also had to update haproxy configuration to make it use all three apps as back end. At the end you had to ensure that web page works on LBR link as mentioned in the question but I didn’t see that working in your answer.

I verified twice that the 3 servers are added in the ha proxy configuration and i opened the web page normally in the browser. i verified all the work, but it seems that there was a problem with verification.

@Inderpreet please look at my work, i am sure i added the 3 servers and i showed the web page sucsessfully

Hi @informixids

We marked it Pending for you, please give it an another try.

Thank you very much, it sucsseded now.

I have failed this task two times but with the same configuration it worked on my homelab.

Hi @nobleaxis

Your back end configuration is incorrect. You had to make sure to use correct ports for each app in haproxy configuration whatever they are actually using. But seems like you simply used port 80