HAProxy LBR task Failed

Hi @Inderpreet -

I am able to access webpage successfuly on browser after HAProxy configuration but task failed.
I have configured frondend to accept traffic on port 80 and then it points to webservers running on port 8085.

Please take a look.

@Inderpreet - Task is marked ‘success’ after I enabled HAProxy stats. Question only asked to fix web page access, not stats :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW - system did not failed my task, it allowed me to do it agian after unsuccessful attempt. Is this new approach? if yes, I support it 100%. the idea is to learn not to compete.
Another suggestion is to assign batch of tasks so that user can do multiple task when the have time and progress to next stage quickly. Currently, one task is assigned within 48 hours.

hi @Inderpreet ,
i tried this task today . It shows failed . Can you please help me understand where did i go wrong ? i added the firewall rule to accept traffic on port 80 and also modified hosts file

@Inderpreet - This task was assigned to me again . I was able to view page on port 80 via public IP and HAProxy status page is also visible. I completed this task successfully last time and followed the same steps, only difference this time is, i automated the configuration using ansible to save some time and get bonus points. However the resutl said Failed. Could you take a look where did i go wrong? I can provide you all my steps if you want to review it.