Happy to share the CKA test results - I scored 83% in my second attempt. A big t . . .

miraclez star:
Happy to share the CKA test results - I scored 83% in my second attempt. A big thanks to @Mumshad Mannambeth for putting up so much effort in designing this excellent course and keeping it at par with the latest k8s version. That’s a lot of hard work. I know that there are a few bottlenecks while working on the Labs as the environment sometimes doesn’t work appropriately (for example some solutions like in Networking Troubleshooting, the path / folder for “Kube-Proxy” doesn’t exist in the Lab, however, its available in the solution provided. If these minor issues can also be fixed, it would be really helpful as new folks might get confused with such things. Overall, its a great course, very much recommended. To all, the matra is Practice, practice and practice using the Labs. The Linux Foundation team is also very helpful and responsive. In one of my attempts, the connection was lost with the monitor for 47 minutes and I couldn’t complete the full exam and I immediately raised a ticket with them, which they resolved within a day and I didn’t lose the attempt. No need of going anywhere else, this course is more than enough to do the CKA exam and yes, do NOT look into http://Medium.com|Medium.com or general scary comments at other sites as this will only leave you confused. Sharing my CKA certificate, I scored 83% and the credit goes to KodeKloud Team !!!
manish-arora-certified-kubernetes-administrator-cka-certificate.pdf (701 KB)


Congratulations @miraclez star :hugging_face:

Mumshad Mannambeth:
Great job! Congratulations! And thanks for sharing your experience. What’s next on your list?

Can you tell us how long you studied and your general study tips for those who are coming behind you?