Guestbook scenario help

Hello everybody,

I have some doubt about this guestbook scenario here.

My question is , how slaves join to masters as I know there must be some configuration changes on both master and slaves conf file.
I would appreciate if you clear me.

@KodeKloud @player001 @andrzej

Hello, @Nasri
I think we use kubeadm join script to add slaves to master. Anything special in the guestbook?

I’m afraid, I meant about redis master / slave, please look at the scenario.

this would be a good source to look at []

@tgp I have seen that, but that does not answer my question.

My question is how redis slaves know there is a redis master and they have to be sync with master ?
To be clear where is the configuration setup between redis master and slaves? in traditional approach we install master on a node and slaves on the other nodes and in their configuration define the relation between each other, something like this :

In kubernetes world, how this configuration applies on the pods?