Graphical run level

Hi engineers
I have been asked to enable graphical run level on the servers which do not have GUI installed, so Do I have to install packages like gnome-desktop and so on?

No. You just need to set the right target on systemd

But the problem was, there was not graphical target on the server, for instance the following command gives error .
systemctl set-default as there is no graphical target installed on the server.

So your environment has an issue. @rahul456 @Inderpreet can you look into this?

Hello, @Nasri
Which lab it is ? Is it from task? I think you don’t require to install the any kind of packages. It’s a preinstalled.

@player001 Hi Dear, The task is " Linux Run Levels " , there was no graphical run level on the app servers.

In which server you are trying to do this task?

on app servers, I went through installing graphical packages to able run the following command, systemctl set-default , it executed successfully I have done the same approach on the other servers but the task marked failed.

@player001 @Inderpreet , would you please mark the task pending to do it again?

Hi @Nasri,

I’ve just finished this task with success. You do not need to install any package, just set a graphical target.


In practice you are right but It was not like doing a simple command systemctl set-default graphical

@player001 would you please let me do it again? my KKE is :