Good morning. I've seen that exists the command `k explain pod` that gives the . . .

Pier. C.:
Good morning.

I’ve seen that exists the command k explain pod that gives the structure of a given object (e.g. pod).
But there aren’t listed the options, but only the structure.

In the documentation to find exactly all the possible values (e.g. operator: in matchexpression has In NotIn Exists ..... and so on). Is there a smart way to get all the possibilities? I’m asking this bacause i know the menaning, but i don’t want to make the mistake of use unavailable value for a given key. I think that the keys of operatort depends on the parent keys and so on…

did you check? k explain pod --recursive | less

@Pier. C. try k explain <resource>.spec.<attribute>

Pier. C.:
@Kicky thanks very much!!! k explain pod.spec.affinity.nodeAffinity.preferredDuringSchedulingIgnoredDuringExecution.preference.matchExpressions

Pier. C.:
this is fucking awesome :smile: