Git Clone Repositories Issue

Hi All, Any suggestion why I got got task failed.
git clone /opt/games.git /usr/scr/kodekloudrepos


Have you send the task to review.

@mihsan I had sent task for review

Couldn’t see your task on the review board.
Can you share the link here?

I can’t find the link.

Once you click send to review it will open on the browser. Copy and paste that link here.

@mihsan You check…it up for review

Unfortunately, your capture doesn’t have anything. Give it another try.

Based on the screenshot, use the trailing / on the destination folder.

That is /usr/src/kodekloudrepos/

You should see a subfolder with the repo name eg: games once the task done correctly.

@mihsan pls check the review

pls check. I have clone blog.git to /usr/scr/kodekloudrepos/ still got task failed

I have send you DM please have a look. It seem like you have used additional flag (such as --mirror) I’m not sure what type of impact that will have in this task. But i don’t think it is needed.

@mihsan Previously I did not used any flag. Tasks still fails

I have same issue
warning: You appear to have cloned an empty repository.

I’ve done task successfully
Clone without .git

cd /use/src/kodekloudrepos
git clone /opt/demo