Gaming the Review System: Rank up using Fake Reviews

@KKE Team, I noticed that some people have created multiple fake IDs and use these IDs to put up the same tasks for review and use the review points to rank up. This is also a waste of time for genuine reviewers. I’m not sure what’s achieved by this. Certainly, this goes against the goal of KodeKloud Engineer.

Nevertheless, it’s is a good time to relook at the Review System. While the Review System grants 50% of the Task points to the chosen review. The points stay at the same 50% for each subsequent review of the same task. For example, a task that is worth 700 points is put up for review for 350 points. But after the first review and if the reattempt fails, the task is again put for the same 350 points. This causes people like the above to abuse and gets multiple 350 points.

KKE is a great learning platform. While KKE is already rife with meaningless, copy-paste review comments, this is even taking it to the next level.

Please see the screenshots below. My intention is not to shame the person. Hence, I’ve hidden out all the personal details. But I’m sure the KKE Team can find the IDs below.


I never even realized the review system was abused in that way. But it’s good that someone else is speaking up about the issues with the review system. I tried to get a conversation going about the copy-paste reviews a while ago, but that post died a silent dead.

So I really hope someone at @KodeKloud notices this post, because these kind of practices are frustrating for people who put in the effort of thoroughly reviewing someone’s task attempt.

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Thanks for reporting. We will look into these.


Maybe there should be a set of guidelines for the reviews, with a way to flag reviews that don’t adhere to them. Then a moderator could review the flagged posts, like in a forum.


Another one came across today which had nearly 20 reviews for the same user/task.

@KKE Team, We need a serious revamp of the Review System. For one, we should be able to report reviewers that fill the system with spam, copy-paste reviews. There should be at least a moderation of reviews in place at a minimum. For example, the higher-ranked KKEs (DevOps Architects or Sr. Dev Ops Engineers) can assist with moderation.

Please consider.

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Hello, @phantomsg @HerrSubset
I appreciate your initiative. Please DM me those usernames, if you have already included the above one. :+1:


Sent you a DM @player001. There may be users having multiple IDs in the system as there’s nothing in KKE that prevents that. It’s hard to say how many of them are really abusing the review system this way.

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@phantomsg Long ago I also reported a scenario where the same review is added twice into the points and also reported a scenario when someone knows their mistake and had to go through the review process. But strange to see such level of misuse in this great learning platform.

@mmumshad @player001 Since the review process quite matured now it will be great for the following logic to see in place.

  1. Provision for the user to retry without putting it to review, in situations where he knows the issue.

  2. The review point is added only once for a task. If the task fails again and came for review the same reviewer can review again but with no additional points added.

  3. Review conversations are not visible to other reviewers. (Make it private between task owner and the reviewer)

  4. after two / three failure attempts no pints of that task is added to the task owner in the subsequent attempts.

  5. Reveling answer (instead of actually reviewing) is also not a good practice but I believe once the task owner stops entertaining them they will fade away eventually.


And also i would suggest to provide a set of tasks to advanced users so they can quickly move up to the required level as we have to wait for another task for 48 hrs to get another task which is quite frustrating .


Wants to become good devop, doing like this will do make him/her the devop they like to become.

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All good points @mihsan. I hope KKE team takes these points into consideration. I have a couple of comments on your points though:
#3. Sometimes it is effective to see what comments others are providing to the task. In fact, this is how I found out the abuse of the Review system in the first place. Seeing other’s comments also helps another reviewer to build upon the previous review to add some more meaningful inputs. Not to mention, also useful to discuss or feedback on other’s reviews comments.
#5. For this, one approach is to give the option for the person who put up the task for review to flag spam/copy-paste reviews. A reviewer who has accumulated ‘x’ number of flagged reviews will not be able to review further pending moderation. Many a time, I have reviewed tasks quite diligently and spot-on only to find the Task owner has granted points to the spam reviewer.

Finally, the review UI markup needs some improvement. It’s nowhere close to the GITHub markup. Especially, from the Task owner’s standpoint seeing review text against a blue background is not clear. It is not easy to highlight code snippets (other than the default red markup). When someone replies to my review comment, I never see it. Especially after the review has been complete and the points were awarded to someone else. Name mentions should be supported.

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@shebin512 Our intention is not to name-and-shame people here. Perhaps you may want to consider masking the country and company name.

Oops! Sry my bad. I also didn’t mean to name-and-shame. I missed it during the editing.

I just wanted to share, that It’s still being exploited. I just randomly found it.

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I agree with this. Sometimes it’s useful to just build on what someone else has already said. Like when a reviewer points the reviewee in the right direction by telling them which command to use, but without any context for this command (what it does, why they should use that, …)

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No worries @shebin512. Incidentally you and I reported the same person. From the screenshots we can see that when I reported in the morning, the person’s rank was 46 and when you reported the same person later in the day, their rank is 26. The fact that the person has accumulated over 1700 points within a span of few hours tells you the amount of abuse the system underwent (with 50 points apiece reviews).

Update: The person is now promoted to Dev Ops Engineer with 25000+ experience and 160 completed tasks ( :arrow_up: from 133 tasks yesterday). Seems like a Dev Ops Engineer with a lot of time to burn :smiley:.


@mmumshad @KodeKloud
We now have a reviewer in our midst that literally copy-pastes others’ review comments from the same review. Ironically, this person even walked away with the review points instead of the original reviewer.

All this person does is literally copy-paste comments in every review they participate in, in search for free points.

This is really disappointing. Please do something about improving the review quality and keeping spam reviewers at bay.

In the below reviews the scam reviewer walked away with review points instead of the original reviewer:
Scam Reviewer Wins - 1
Scam Reviewer Wins - 2

p.s: @mihsan, One your reviews


@phantomsg Happy to see somebody (or a program :yum: ) is copying our stuff.

@KodeKloud @mmumshad Appreciate your action to delete this account. I hope in this way we will keep the professionalism to the highest level.

Is it possible that this could be a bot?

I literally see this account copy-pastes review comments for most of the reviews. In some cases the account also copy pasted comments from a related thread (thread related to the task) from the KodeKloud Community.

Seems like someone is applying the engineering skills to the highest level. KodeKloud should hire them :smiley:

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One more I found


@phantomsg we can make a competition on this “find two dissimilarities”.


@samer, It’s now time to copy your review: Scam Reviewer is back

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