Game of Pods: Pento is broken

In the Game of Pods course, “Pento” is broken:
Node01 is not able to join the cluster because kubeadm on node01 complains that it can only join version 1.15 clusters and the master node is running version 1.14.

In the Game of Pods course, “Pento” is broken:
is it fixed ?

Yeah, working fine. You can try it from your end.

sorry but still having

master $ kubectl get nodes
master Ready master 38m v1.14.0

the node Node01 is missing …

Hello, barkayw
In the game of pods, Pento server is broken you have to fix it according to task to make it available. When you will launch Quiz portal, master also goes down due to some misconfiguration. You have to find that causality and make it available live. That sounds interesting. If you will face any issues while troubleshooting let me know.