For etcd backup, when would we add the below to the snapshot save command? --end . . .

Also, how do we find the actual values that we put in for the [] section above?

Ravan Nannapaneni:

Ravan Nannapaneni:

ETCDCTL_API=3 etcdctl --endpoints=<> \
  --cacert=&lt;trusted-ca-file&gt; --cert=&lt;cert-file&gt; --key=&lt;key-file&gt; \
  snapshot save &lt;backup-file-location&gt;

Thanks Ravan - unfortunately that doesnt answer my question

If you are running etcdctl utility from the server where etcd is present then you can use address [] and the port 2379 where etcd is listening.
if etcd is running on different server(say, you can mention that server ip and the port of etcd like this https://[]:2379

Please look Client url flag in etcd.yaml

Fernando Jimenez:
@Joe If the etcd is implemented as a pod running in the controlplane and you have access to the controlplane filesystem, you might find the information under /etc/kubernetes/manifest/etcd.yaml
Also, the information can be extrapolated from a kubectl -n kube-system describe pod etcd-controlplane in the command section. It will show as --listen-client-urls=