Fix Database issue in K8s Application

@KodeKloud @player001 @mohan08p
please check.

@Lakshmi Please find attached output of command "“Kubectl edit svc lamp-service”

Does anybody have an idea how to solve this task?


Hi! Please check your wp-config.php file and make changes as needed.

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@rahul456 @Inderpreet
I corrected the wp-config.php but was not able to access the WP site on port 30008. At least it should display the error on this port. But the site doesn’t loads at all on 30008. Please help

Hi can you please DM your wp-config.php file.

Done. Please check your DM

I am looking into. Please give me a min.

Thanx fot the tip!!! Will try to solve it that way!

@Lakshmi Can you please let me know ,what changes need to be made in wp-config.php file ?

Hi Darshan! Will DM. Please check there.